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Working radius

Tips for individual buildings

  • Set the working area for your grain farms on the front door of the farm. Benefits vary depending on the played civilization. It's highly recommended to do this for mayan and trojan farms, while romans and vikings only get minimal benefits from this.

  • For stonecutters, pay attention to the door: If it's on the left, it will be most effective if the stone is on the left side of the building as well. Trojan stonecutters are the only ones who have their door on the right side.

  • Trojans should move the working radius of their sunflower farms. The easiest way to receive maximum benefits is to look at the default setting and click on the first lower left green spot of the inner ring (see image).

Quickly adjusting multiple buildings

By using a small trick, players can quickly adjust the workomg area of multiple buildings of the same type (for example, stonecutters on a Metzel).

  1. Select a building.

  2. Click on the working area button.

  3. Set the working area (right mouse button) and deselect the building in the short moment where the shown working area is updated. Now click on the next building where you wish to change the working area.

  4. You are now immediately in the working area menu and can continue with step 3 again.

With good timing, a player can save a lot of clicking.

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