Trojan 9-Mine-Battery

by Xyqtuvoc, Phottor & UltimateSpinDash

In 2021, it was discovered that the trojan food spell can hit more than just seven mines at once. At this point, it is believed that there are over 50 different variations of a 9-mine-battery. Here, the most useful variations are explained in detail.

Basic principle

Different builds

The build costs can differ depending on whether or not UBO is used. The battery functions independently of UBO, however, and can be used in the vanilla game.

Casting spot

On flat ground, the spell should be targeted onto the yellow spot. As the stonemine used for reference is the center of all the batteries listed here, this applies to all five of them.

If the terrain is uneven, the spot can move. Another way to find it is to pay attention when placing the central stone mine. The spot (yellow) is two steps to the upper left of the building hotspot (purple).

Additional tips

For all battery types it is critical that the lower two sulphur mines, which are usually placed first, are perfectly parallel. This is easy to accmplish even with uneven terrain. After the first mine has been placed, the possible build sites shown after selecting the second mine will form a hexagon around the first mine, with clear bends on the left and right. If the second mine is placed on the right side, move two steps down from the right bend, hugging the first mine. If the second mine is placed on the left side, move two steps up from the left bend, again hugging the first mine.

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