Medics are the roman's special unit. They are trained like swordsmen, but fulfill a completely different role. Despite their high health, medics are absolutely worthless in a straight fight, as their damage and attack speed is way too low. Their true talent lies in healing other soldiers and specialists.

Medics can heal up to three times in rapid succession. Afterwards, they require several seconds of rest. When not needed, they can store up to three healing charges once again. The healing scales with defensive fighting strength, but is not affected by spells like Bloodrush.


Medics should never participate in active combat, but should instead be behind their comrated or be used as a mobile hospital to heal surviving soldiers between two battles. Through this, they can greatly increase the value of an army, as they can recoup their own costs several times through healing.

The Ultimate Balance Overhaul makes several changes to medics to make them more viable. Their healing effect is roughly tripled on all levels, and they receive the same base damage as their swordsmen counterparts (with halved DPS due to their slower attack animation). Their health is reduced to half of an equivalent swordsman, however. This also means that the roman lightning spell can now kill medics regardless of level.

Enemy medics are priority targets, as they can make an enemy victory even more impactful. If the opportunity arises, they should always be neutralized.


  • Medics are the only special unit that does not have it's own weapon type, instead co-using the sword. However, there are reference in the game files to a dagger weapon type, suggesting that this was not always planned. It's unknown if the dagger was cut due to time constraints or if the divide ended up making the romans too inflexible and needlessly increased the hurdle to recruiting medics alongside the rest of the army.

  • Medics are also unique insofar that one of their stats scales with defensive fighting strength. Since medics are supposed to replace the hospital outside of a settlement, this was presumabldy changed to make sure their healing wouldn't be diminished by low fighting strength to the point where it would not matter.

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