Saboteurs are specialists who can attack civilian buildings.

Saboteurs have the same disguise ability as thieves do, but do not share their enhanced vision.


Saboteurs are usually restricted in multiplayer matches - if they are permitted, it's usually long after the peacetime has elapsed. Before that, their use is also diminished by the fact that each pickaxe could potentially have been a weapon for another soldier instead. While attacking, saboteurs take the same positions as builders do. This also means that if a building only supports two builders, it can also only be attacked by two saboteurs. This distinguishes them from axemen, which are not affected by such restrictions.


  • Saboteurs are not affected by fighting strength

  • Saobteurs are often used to proactively bring pickaxes to stonecutter huts prior to their completion.

  • Saboteurs cannot be recruited on campaign maps. They can be used normally, however, if the player starts with them or otherwise gets them.

  • Dark Tribe buildings as well as harbours and shipyards are immune to saboteurs.

  • Despite saboteurs having a damage value of 6, they only do minimal damage to buildings, as all buildings in the game have an armor value of 5.

    • Despite this, saboteurs appear to do more damage than their stats should allow at times, for currently unknown reasons.

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