AttributeValue (L1 | L2 | L3 | Dark)


100 | 150 | 210 | 120


10 | 14 | 20 | 12

Attack Speed

13 Ticks (11 for Dark)


10,9 | 15,25 | 21,8 | 16


1 Tile



Compatible Buffs

Shield. Bloodrush, Invisibility


Swordsmen are one of the game's core units shared by all civilizations. They are the only unit that can capture towers (with the exception of the Dark Tribe, who destroy towers instead), and distinguish themselves through their high health and damage output.


Swordsmen are very powerful in the early and midgame, but lose their status as the best all-around-unit to the archers. Backpack catapultists are the strongest counter to swordsmen thanks to their AoE damage.

With UBO, Blowgunwarriors can contribute enough firepower to be useful against swordsmen, and Axewarriors receive additional HP, putting them on mostly equal footing.


  • Dark Tribe swordsmen capture towers normally, but this results in the immediate destruction of the tower. As a side effect, the capturing swordsmen is killed.

  • The Viking's L1 swordsmen attack one tick slower than the others.

  • The Dark Tribe swordsman has HP and damage values situated between those of a L1 or L2 swordsman of the other civs.

  • The Dark Tribe swordsman has the fastest attack speed of all units in the game, at 11 ticks.

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